Place a wish for yourself, a friend or loved one in a traditional Chinese wishing pot to help its chances of coming true. According to the Smithsonian Institute's online store, ancient Chinese lore states the belief that wishes come true when written on a scroll and stored in a traditional vessel known as a "wishing pot." These special wishing pots were traditionally crafted for personal use as well as to bestow wishes of good fortune as gifts.


The Wishing Pot

Traditional Chinese wishing pots are small, covered bowls, usually ceramic, stone or porcelain, that are meant to hold wishes written on scrolls in a special inner chamber. This small chamber is suspended from the lid of the wishing pot by a thin silk cord. Some traditional wishing pots are set into a fitted base to make its storage and display easier, and some feature lids that are made to resemble bamboo, which is a symbol of good luck, strength and longevity in Chinese culture.

Wish-Making Cermony

Making a wish using a traditional Chinese wishing pot constitutes a short ritual that is meant to empower the wish being made. Write your wish, whether for yourself or a loved one, on a small scroll or piece of parchment, then roll it up and place it in the inner compartment hanging from the wishing pot's lid. Replace the lid, enclosing your wish in the "wish keeper," and place your wishing pot in a favorable location to welcome good fortune every day.

Help Your Wish

Help your wish or dream come true by decorating your traditional Chinese wishing pot with symbols of luck and good fortune. You can also pair items pertinent to your wish in the inner chamber to promote the success of your wish, such as a lucky charm if you desire luck or a token of love if you want romance to come into your life.

Future Wishes

You can use your traditional Chinese wishing pot to help all your dreams and wishes come true. While custom dictates that one wish be made at a time when using "wish keepers," future wishes can be added to your wishing pot at later dates. Each wish should be written on its own scroll, and allowed time to manifest before another wish is added to the inner chamber.

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